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DevOps Architect, International Speaker, MMA fighter

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Hey There, Today we will see on how to unlock the superpowers of our devlopr-jekyll blog. We will be using Siteleaf CMS to modify content of our blog.

Note : If you have not created your blog yet. Create Your Blog , then comeback later

Login to Siteleaf

Using Siteleaf

Select Connect with Github, connect existing repository:

Using Siteleaf

Select the repository of your devlopr-jekyll blog:

Using Siteleaf

Connect and Create Site:

Using Siteleaf

After successful import, You will be redirected to manage dashboard :

Using Siteleaf

But before making any changes to our blog, we need to change our current Siteleaf membership plan to Free Plan (For Developers)

Using Siteleaf

Select Free Plan :

Using Siteleaf

Congrats ! Your New Admin Panel for your devlopr-jekyll blog is ready to make any changes to your blog :D

Using Siteleaf


OK... let me introduce my self.

My name is Davide Benvegnù, I was born on July 15th, 1984 in Trieste, a city where I lived for many years. After a "Tuscan moment", having moved to the charming city of Subbiano, now I live and work in Hong Kong.

I deal mainly in computer science, at various levels. Currently I am DevOps Architect for Microsoft, and I used to be a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for 3 years in a row.

I'm a staff member of DotNetToscana, an official Microsoft technical community, where I organize events and have speeches at technical conferences about DevOps, the .Net world, Azure, containers and serverless.
I'm also the founder of the HKMSC - Hong Kong Microsoft Community.

I have been practicing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for some time before moving to Hong Kong, with the Spartan Club Arezzo. Now I train at Impakt, with some of the best fighters in Hong Kong.

I also like the modern and contemporary art, especially abstract paintings.