Davide Benvegnu

DevOps and Infrastructrure Lead, International Speaker, Microsoft MVP


This website is always work-in-progress, so it won't be ever ready. 😉
It aims to be an open channel for information and connection with the outside world; inside it you will find all of my areas of interest, my hobbies, my passions and some curiosity about my life.

Latest Talk


Empowering Digital Trust - Data Security and Beyond

DevSecOps Done Right - Strategies and Tools

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Latest Project


Tired of missing out on the latest news and updates from your favorite sources? With FeedEx you will stay up-to-date, all within one convenient tool. 📧


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Current Job

DevOps and Infra Lead


Leading the DevOps, Infra, DB, and Performance Engineering teams.


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16+ years of experience in IT, Software Development and Team leading

13+ years of experience in ALM / DevOps

.Net, Asp.Net MVC, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
SQL Server, MySQL
Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
Azure, VMware, Docker, K8s
DevOps, ALM, Agile, Scrum


Coding Activity